Supplies/Donations for British Virgin Islands Hurricane Irma Relief and Recovery


Supplies/Donations for British Virgin Islands Hurricane Irma Relief and Recovery.

The British Virgin Islands suffered catastrophic impact from Hurricane Irma which caused unimaginable devastation to the homes and lives of those who live there and the commercial and civil infrastructure that underpin the immediate and future economy.  The BVI is in URGENT need of food and materials to help with the immediate relief work and the ensuing recovery process.

Due to its size and location there are very few established sea freight lines that support the BVI with international capability.  For global shipments of pallet loads, full container loads, self-wheeled construction equipment and portable shelters from most parts of the world, the contacts below can be used for coordination of shipments, especially from North America and the United Kingdom.  The dedicated hurricane help desks can advise on:

  • Where to deliver
  • How to pack and mark
  • Documentation
  • Refrigerated container options for perishables
  • Full container load trucking
  • Pallet load delivery
  • Availability of empty shipping containers
  • Vessel schedules
  • Hazardous cargo incompatibility
  • Priority supplies needed.
  • Etc, etc.

USA and Canada with global interline links: (reopening Tuesday Sept 12th after Irma clears Florida)

UK and Europe:

All relief shipments will be landed at Port Purcell, Tortola, BVI, from where the BVI Government’s Department of Disaster Management will coordinate storage and distribution, unless shipments are consigned to a specific organisation already established in the BVI.